Thermodynamic and Fluid Dynamic Solutions

  • Our solutions

    Our thermodynamic and fluid dynamic solutions offer so much more than just a simple simulation for analyzing situations. We also design and develop simulations for analyzing engineering and bio-engineering models, R&D services, algorithms, applicable solutions and professional guidance.
    Berger Thermal Research uses the most advanced computer software in order to prepare precise, complex model.

    Main Areas of Development:
  • A Winning Combination

    By combining our vast knowhow and professional experience in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, as well as other fields of physics, we successfully create unique solutions and products, which ensure efficiency and savings for our clients, and allow them to use innovation for creating relative advantages.
  • Work Processes

    We conduct thermal and flow design for a variety of systems and components that need to comply with and operate in different types of environments – some extreme, such as electronic equipment in airplanes, and some unique, such as medical equipment for invasive medical procedures. This is why we provide modern simulation tools for analyzing dynamic and complex processes, including non-linear processes and feedback loops. These simulations allow us to create optimal products and offer our clients the best possible solutions.
    System analyses and simulations are performed using the following methodologies:

    • Multi-physic modeling (COMSOL) – Combined fluid dynamics, electrical fields, heat transfer and motion
    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • Finite element analysis (FEA)
    • Finite difference analysis (FDA)
    • Analytical analysis and real time algorithmic