Research & Development

  • Research & Development – Innovation through Diversity

    Over the years, Berger Thermal Research has successfully carried out numerous projects in a variety of fields, all of which required considerable research and development and resulted in innovative solutions and products. We are highly involved in our business environment, make every effort to stay updated on the latest developments, and place great emphasis on innovative thinking by combining our knowhow with knowledge from other fields.

    From Offering Solutions, through Electronic Products, to Medical Equipment

    Throughout our professional practice, we have come to realize that by intentionally contributing to specific area of activities, such as thermal design for large electronic systems, we could actually be making a significant contribution to additional fields, such as the environment (energy saving), telecom (improving accessibility to advanced telecom technologies), and of course – the field of medicine.

    Keeping an open mind and being creative has led Berger Thermal Research to a variety of successful co-operations with physicians from different disciplines. We have developed unique patents for fertility medicine, pregnancy supervision, and invasive cardiac procedures, while applying our professional knowhow and skills. The sky really is the limit.

    Developing Research Methods

    Companies that approach us seek more efficient R&D processes. Our innovativeness and unique research methods significantly decrease the time required for development procedures.

    Any medical or other field that entails processes which are influenced by heat and flow of liquids or gas is new potential grounds for our innovativeness. That is how pioneering ideas thought of by experienced doctors, combined with our professional knowhow, can result in a significant change in the world of medicine.
  • R&D Combined with Winning Parameters

    Literature Review – Berger Thermal Research conducts in-depth research of the relevant field, reviews articles and medical research, and checks for existing patents. Studying written literature helps decrease the time, form ideas from various points-of-view, and suggest significant improvements for existing devices and procedures.

    Multi-physics – A sharp change from R&D statistical models that require a great deal of laboratory experiments, to physics-mathematical models which quickly bestow the specific thesis with initial validity through computerized simulations.

    Being highly familiar with relevant industries – This advantage simplifies the process of identifying suitable business partners and engineering developers, as well as the actual manufacturing of products or components.

    A significant alternative to animal research – Initial research advance is achieved by experimenting on custom-made tissue-alternative materials. This allows us to test the mathematical model using synthetic materials, and improve it, prior to testing it on animals or humans. The  time required for the initial stages is also shortened significantly. As a result, this unique work method reduces costs at the development stage – which has the highest risk factor.

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