• Hi-tech companies often require cooling technologies for their high power equipment and computers, including huge data centers, servers and telecom systems that are operated in severe environments.
    Berger Thermal Research provides just that by developing innovative solutions that improve the efficiency of cooling such high power electronic equipment.
    When Technology Meets Creativity

    Being highly creative and extremely familiar with the most advanced electronic industries has enabled us to develop unique energy saving solutions. These state-of-the-art solutions are based on either the smart planning of water cooling systems – a method that significantly increases the efficiency of large electronic systems – or on advanced energy saving technologies such as cooling into the ground. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has concluded that ground source heat pumps are the most energy-efficient technology, causing less harm to the environment than any other technology available.
    Taking Part in Development

    Creating methods for adapting existing technologies to meet our clients' specific needs, as well as developing new products, has resulted in Berger Thermal Research being highly familiar with the most innovative and quality developments in the electronic industry.
    Surveys are often conducted to ensure that our clients receive the finest products and technologies – with an emphasis on cost-benefit – as well as the most professional customer service when required.
    Main Projects

    Intel – Designing a cooling system for the company's data base, using an energy-efficient technology.

    Applied MaterialsA data base project that included a unique design of cooling cabinets for medium capacity.

    ECI An innovative project for cooling electronic equipment with compressed capacity meant for broadband telecom, and installed in street cabinets. The unique cooling technology used is based on transferring heat from the cabinet into the ground.
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