• Telecom Solution
    Numerous electronic and telecommunication companies have already engaged Berger Thermal Research to design and develop quality products and cooling technologies to enable their equipment to be operated in extreme environments. Thanks to these unique solutions, telecom equipment, including cellular equipment, can be placed outdoors to efficiently withstand harsh weather conditions, while saving on energy and costs. Such solutions require precise designs, and at Berger Thermal Research, we put all our knowhow, experience, design tools and simulation tools into achieving just that.

    Our extensive experience in the field of telecom includes designing creative solutions for cooling cellular transmitters, access-point equipment, street cabinets and server farms, with an emphasis on energy saving and environmentally friendly technologies.
    Electronic and Telecom projects include:

    Intel – Berger Thermal Research has designed a cooling system for Intel's data base, using an energy-efficient technology.

    Applied MaterialsThis database project includes a unique design of cooling cabinets for medium capacity.

    An Example for an Environmentally Friendly Telecom Project:

    ECI An innovative project for cooling electronic equipment with compresses capacity meant for broadband telecom, and is installed in street cabinets. The unique cooling technology used is based on transferring heat from the cabinet into the ground, with a patented underground heat exchanger that was installed in the limited ground space below the cabinet.

    The World of Cellular – New Challenges

    Up until a few years ago most of our telecom projects dealt with street cabinets and server farms. However, the cellular world – which has developed at an unprecedented speed – constantly, presents us with new challenges.

    We are presently conducting projects for Corning Mobile Access, which will enable improved cellular communications inside parking lots and multi-story buildings – thanks to innovative access point equipment.

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