Biosense- Webster (Johnson & Johnson Company)

Newport - Ophir

Soreq nuclear center

Intel Haifa

Applied Materials (Israel)

Corning MobileAccess




Israeli Air force (IAF).

Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD).


We are proud to work with our clients on a spectrum of flow and thermal solutions in varied fields:

Medical- Research and Development of a new technology in the arena of Cardio vascular Thermal Ablation for Biosense-Webster (Johnson & Johnson Company).

Physics- development of Laser power management for Newport - Ophir and Soreq nuclear center.
Energy saving-Water cooling systems for servers in data centers were implemented for Intel Haifa and Applied Materials (Israel).
Communication-Thermal design of equipment for Corning MobileAccess and Cisco.

Airborne-novel solutions for high power dissipation in extreme environments such as avionic electronics for Elop-Elbit, Nice and the Israeli Air force (IAF).
Renewable energy-Our portfolio also includes the development of natural ground loop cooling systems for ECI and the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD).