• By combining fluid dynamic and thermodynamic engineering with medical R&D, we have successfully decreased the need to experiment on animals. Running a computerized model, performing mathematical analyses, and conducting laboratory examinations using synthetic materials, have allowed us to significantly reduce the need for animal testing during preliminary R&D stages.

    This is in comparison to regular R&D procedures, which require a great deal of animal experimentation in order to obtain sufficient statistical data– especially when researching invasive medical procedures.

    From Physics to the Laboratory

    Our ability to examine physical models using mathematical computerized simulations has shortened the time required to achieve predictive assumptions – and with minimal animal testing. Even the first actual trial stages are tested on specifically developed synthetic "biological tissue".
    Only after examining the model in the laboratory, and performing improvements and modifications do the live experiments begin. This method significantly decreases the scope of animal testing and improves its quality.
    An Alternative to Animal Research

    Our unique methods significantly reduce the need for animal testing, the length of time required for conducting the entire experiment, costs, resources and economical risks.

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