About Us

  • Berger Thermal Research, Ltd. is a contracting / consulting firm that has been developing heat transfer and fluid dynamics technologies since the 1990s. Our clients included almost all of Israel’s leading electronics and defense companies and many international corporations.
    Since the middle of the '90s, the company managed a number of advanced medical R&D projects. These projects resulted in a number of patented innovations and the company was able to display its exceptional ability to combine thermodynamic models and fluid dynamics with the physics of the human body (one of them in the area of thermal ablation in the heart was validated through successful clinical trials being led by Johnson & Johnson).

    The Team

    Our core team of post-graduate engineers specializes in computer-aided analysis (Multiphysics simulation) and has been involved in non-trivial flow and thermal design projects in the electronics and medical markets. The team also participates in research activities in the USA and has had the opportunity to work with leading research institutes.


    Avi Berger Co-founder & CEO, MSc, Entrepreneur, founded Israel's first flow and thermal design house in the 1990's, serving most of Israel’s leading electronics and defense Companies. Co-founded and led Biopad which developed the first home use passive fetal activity monitor.

    Avri Hazan Co-founder & CTO, MSc, specializes in computer-aided analysis and has been involved in hundreds of flow and thermal design projects. Co-founded and led Berger Thermal Research and Biopad, together with Avi Berger since the 1990's.