Our new patents

  • US patent 9,820,795 for Cryocatheter with single phase coolant fluid cooled thermoelectric module and cerebral medical procedures employing local ice ball

    US Patent 9,256,574 for Monitoring Tissue Temperature while using an Irrigated Catheter 

    US Patent 9,241,756 for Real Time prediction of steam-pop events (For Biosense-Webster Ltd. of Johnson & Johnson)


Berger Thermal Research

Berger Thermal Research, Ltd. is a contracting / consulting firm that has been developing heat transfer and fluid dynamics technologies since the 1990s. Our clients included almost all of Israel’s leading electronics, medical and defense companies and many international corporations.
  • Electronics, Thermal Management and Cooling

    We have implemented our expertise and professionalism in thermodynamic and fluid dynamic engineering in designing state-of-the-art technologies for medicine, energy, electronics and telecom for leading technological companies. We are involved in unique projects that require innovation and creativity for designing advanced electronic systems.
  • Medicine and Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics of living organs

    As experts in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, we have found that sophisticated physics models can be developed for the interaction between medical devices and human organs, which then open up a world of innovative medical research. Many of our patents are state-of-the-art, which is why we believe we can offer the medical world many additional improvements, leading to                          safer and simpler medical procedures and a better outcome.   
  • Using Advanced Technologies for Saving Energy

    The world has less and less energy sources left, and governments and private conglomerates are presently seeking new, alternative methods. When it comes to big data centers or remote communication sites, however, it is not enough to invent new technologies for creating and using natural energy – you also need to prove that production and  operational costs keep the invention                         worthwhile.