Our new patents

  • US Patent 9,256,574 for Monitoring Tissue Temperature while using an Irrigated Catheter and
    US Patent 9,241,756 for Real Time prediction of steam-pop events (For Biosense-Webster Ltd. of Johnson & Johnson)

    This innovative method monitors the tissue temperature and lesion size in a real time during RF ablation process in the heart while using an irrigated catheter.Based on the simulated tissue hot spot temperature, an occurrence time of steam pop event caused by the steam pressure is predicted.  

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Berger Thermal Research - Innovation is our first law

  • Medicine and Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics

    As experts in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, we have found that sophisticated physics models can be developed for the interaction between medical devices and human organs, which then open up a world of innovative medical research. Many of our patents are state-of-the-art, which is why we believe we can offer the medical world many additional improvements, leading to safer and simpler medical procedures.

  • Multi-Physic Innovations

    Yes, it's possible. We have already proven that multiphysics models for medical procedures can be developed. We have successfully combined engineering, physics and biology into important patents, created precise models, set up analysis laboratories, and designed medical procedures that prolong life. Entire medical worlds may change as a result of our scientific innovations. We will be there to see it happen.
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  • Electronics, Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics

    We belong to tomorrow's world. We have implemented our expertise and professionalism in thermodynamic and fluid dynamic engineering in designing state-of-the-art technologies for medicine, energy, telecom and cellular for leading technological companies. We are involved in unique projects that require innovation and creativity for designing advanced electronic systems. We oversee projects that create models and simulations and develop innovative solutions, based on our vast experience and knowhow, while combining our knowledge from R&D with other fields of science.

  • Using Advanced Technologies for Saving Energy

    The world has less and less energy sources left, and governments and private conglomerates are presently seeking new, alternative methods. When it comes to energy, however, it is not enough to invent new technologies for creating and using natural energy – you also need to prove that the theory behind the design is applicable and valid, and that production costs keep the invention worthwhile. That is why combining advanced technologies for creating energy with thermodynamic and fluid dynamic engineering can make all the difference between a go and a no-go project.

  • An Alternative to Animal Testing

    While conducting medical R&D, we used synthetic tissue that was custom-made for us in a laboratory, instead of having to use live tissue. The initial models and simulations were performed using this material, thereby significantly reducing the need to experiment on animals. The tissue equivalent material can also be used for carrying out experiments and analyses in other medical fields.

  • Research and Development

    Berger Thermal Research deals in multi-physic based R&D and solutions, mainly for medical uses. The company is a pioneer and leader in assembling work teams, setting up laboratories and developing unique, state-of-the-art patents. Our path to new leads searches for footholds in research literature, in order to form innovative strategies for solving problems. This is how we save on resources when presenting possible solutions and developing unique mathematical models which combine a variety of scientific fields.